Daily Signs for Windows
Our Windows-based 'sign processor' Daily Signs was primarily developed to give severely disabled people a communication tool.
The Norwegian name of the program, 'DagligSpraak', means something like 'EverydayLanguage' in English, and the program gives you the possibility to 'write sign language' while you type in the words.
Daily Signs can be controlled either by the keyboard, the mouse or one or more switches.
The integrated graphics is related to Norwegian sign language, but they can easily be replaced by your own graphic files.

Daily Signs offers considerable help to every slow writer.
E. g. you can let the program propose the rest of the word as you type in - and the proposed word will be illustrated by the assigned graphic file!

The program menus can be shown in Norwegian or English, and it is also possible to let an English translation of the Norwegian meaning accompany the Norwegian signs.

Norwegian and Danish versions available !

DagligData AS is a Norwegian company focusing on development of computer programs (for PCs and PDAs) where personalized use of gestures and manual signs (e.g. based on signed Norwegian and/or Norwegian sign language) is a significant element of the users everyday communication.
DagligData is also publishing and reselling books, videos, computer programs and other dedicated equipment within the AAC area.

DagligData AS wish to contribute
to better communication among people.

If you want the information in Norwegian, please click here.